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Crystal Masterclasses from Lauren D'Silva
Lauren created the Crystal Masterclasses in response to requests from past students who had completed their Diploma in Crystal Therapy. Several had talked about doing the whole course again because they'd been missing it so much!
The Masterclasses form valuable continuing professional development (CPD) for Crystal Therapists. There is a strong emphasis on personal exploration and growth, using crystals to support the process. You do not need to have trained with Touchstones School to take a Masterclass. Unless otherwise advertised all Masterclasses are held in Llandrindod Wells, Mid Wales.

Masterclass Days cost £60 per person where 3 or more are attending and carry 5 CPD points per day. Masterclasses can also be booked on a one to one basis for £150 per day. Please enquire

Tree of LifeCrystals on the Tree of Life
Saturday 17th May, Llandrindod Wells £60
The Tree of Life is a complex symbol which depicts the whole of Creation from a Kabbalistic viewpoint. For many years the knowledge represented by the Tree was only accessible to orthodox Jewish men over the age of 40.  Now the knowledge is available and can be used as a 'road map' for your spiritual journey. 

In this Masterclass I will make the Tree accessible to you as a concept and as a practical tool you can use with crystals for your healing and spiritual development.  

Giving a Crystal Healing Talk, Demonstration or Workshop
Woman receiving crystal therapyGiving talks, demonstrations and workshops at Mind, Body, Spirit Fairs and other public events is a great way to introduce people to crystal healing and drum up some business for yourself. Would you like to have the confidence to do this? Lauren has a background in teacher training. In the morning session she will provide you with a practical toolkit and will share her expertise in dealing with the public. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to put theory into practice and receive feedback from Lauren and your peers.

Please note this day is aimed at students who have completed at least a Certificate level course in Crystal Therapy.  
A day well spent, crammed with insights, information and good feedback' Helen

The Many Facets of You: Exploring Your Archetypes
We all have many archetypes within us, some helpful and some may seem a hindrance at the moment. We will look at ways to bring out the more positive characteristics of archetypes that seem to block you and explore which of your archetypes you can enlist to help you with your creativity, your assertiveness, or your connection to Spirit. 

This Masterclass is accessible for anyone who has a genuine desire to know themselves more fully. You will be identifying the team of Archetypes you carry for the fulfilment of your sacred contract and will learn how to cast an Archetypal Wheel. You'll find out which Archetypes are influential in key areas of your life, such as your Creativity, Relationships, or Spirituality. You'll learn how to work more constructively with the Archetypes that challenge us all, including the Victim and the Saboteur. 

We will be using contemplation, visualisation, Shamanic journeys and crystal layouts to explore these influential aspects of our Selves. 
£60 per person. This weekend is worth 5 CPD Points.

Here's some feedback from my original Masterclass students: 

I've worked through so many 'demons' and actually come out the other side a much stronger person, very happy in my own skin and knowing where I'm going.

Unearthed unknown treasures, laid some 'ghosts' to rest and pushed me further along on my spiritual path. Thank you Lauren x

All your courses Lauren are enlightening, enjoyable most of the time (even when you make me cry!) Always full of a variety of exercises and different ways of exploring myself! You are a wonderful teacher.