Crystal Companions 2 - a six part follow-on course

Did you love your Crystal Companions course? Wish you could carry on learning? Now you can!

Crystal Companions 2 is a six part course open to anyone who has taken the original Crystal Companions course. You must have received teaching on all of the essential skills we cover in Crystal Companions to enrol on this follow-on course. Like the original Crystal Companions course each session is 2 hours long and delivered via Zoom webinar. Dates will be announced through my newsletter.

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Lesson One - Developing your Subtle Senses

Find out ways to sense more from your crystals. You'll be led through exercises that have the potential to:

  • Develop your clairsentience, feeling more from your crystals

  • Enhance your clairvoyance, perceiving more visually  

  • Increase your clairaudience, paying attention to subtle messages from your crystals

  • Boost your claircognisance, becoming more aware of your own inner knowing.

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DLP-Touchstones-FB-Colour (024 of 031).j

Lesson Three - All Quartz

The quartz family is abundant and varied. Learn more about some key members of this accessible and supportive group of crystals:

  • Find a quartz for every chakra

  • Discover exercises and layouts using crystal points

  • Be aware of special forms of clear quartz and know how to identify them

You'll need a range of different quartz family crystals including some clear quartz points, rose quartz, smokey quartz, amethyst, carnelian and aventurine

Lesson Two - Full Spectrum Crystals

Learn about the healing properties of colour and how this can enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of crystals:

  • Discover the key attributes of the rainbow spectrum of colours

  • Combine your crystals with coloured cloths to make healing layouts for your relaxation and well-being.

  • Combine mindfulness colouring with your crystals as a focus for contemplation.

You'll need crystals in a range of rainbow colours, plus clear, black, brown and pink.

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Lesson Four - Healing your Heart

The heart is our centre of relationships both with ourselves and with others. Crystals can help you:

  • heal from disappointments and heartache

  • genuinely love yourself

  • stay open-hearted and develop your compassion

  • listen to your heart and not just your head

  • authentically connect with others from the heart 

You'll need a small selection of heart-centred crystals such as rose quartz, rhodocrosite or green aventurine

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Lesson Five - Elemental Crystals

Explore the connection between crystals and the Elements. Discover:

  • The key attributes of the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water

  • The fifth element of Ether, or Spirit

  • Ways to attune to each of the elements

  • How to intuit which crystals align to which Element

  • How to set up a crystalline altar 

Lesson Six - Crystal Goals

Find out how your crystals can help you achieve your goals:

  • Set meaningful and achievable goals for your life

  • Support your plans with a team of crystal allies

  • Create crystal grids to anchor your goals

  • Acknowledge your achievements and enjoy the creative process

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Just £49 for all six lessons delivered via Zoom Webinar (you will not be on view and your mic will be off, but you are encouraged to participate through the chat box). Please wait for new dates before enrolling.


I manually check all registrations so there may be a delay between your submission and acknowledgement of your place. If you don't get a response within a day or so please check your spam folder before contacting me.


Please note you remain entirely responsible for your well-being throughout any of my classes. If you have any health issues, whether they are physical, emotional or mental, and are in any doubt about the suitability of the classes for you then you should consult your GP for advice.