Touchstones Crystal Therapy Diploma Course

Ten further tutored days (usually studied as two blocks of five days) bring you to Diploma level, enabling you to use advanced Crystal Therapy techniques with your clients. You will be developing the ability to help your clients transform by identifying the source of their issue. You must have studied at Foundation and Certificate levels before embarking on the Diploma Course. 

TSCT Diploma Syllabus

  1. Connecting with Crystal Consciousness: Key Shamanic Principles · Learning to Journey · Seeking Guidance · Journeying into Crystal Consciousness

  2. Relationships: Learning Through Relationships · Building Self-Esteem · Soul Mates · Emotional Healing Layouts · Relationship Cords · Dissolving Dysfunctional Cords ·Power Retrieval

  3. Crystal Assessment Tools: The Language of the Subconscious · Synchronicity · Crystal Oracle Cards · Casting Crystals · Scrying

  4. Gem Essences: How do Essences Work? · Making and Using Gem Waters · Gem Water Recipes · Gem Essences · Storage and Dilution of Gem Essences · Proving Gem Essences · Use of Gem Essences

  5. Crystal Regression Therapy: Models of Reincarnation · Life Lessons · Crystals to Facilitate Past Life Recall · Crystal Layouts for Past Life Exploration · Crystal Regression Visualisation · Healing Past Life Grief and Trauma · Soul Retrieval

  6. Sacred Geometry: The Platonic Solids · Healing with Sacred Geometry · Crystal Mandalas

  7. The Hara Line: Healing on the Hara Line · The Core Star · Your Life Purpose · Goal Setting

  8. Messages from the Cosmos: Clearing your channel and healing the Earth with Starbrary Quartz

Please note that as Principal of TSCT Lauren reserves the right to alter the order of the taught curriculum

and to occasionally substitute elements if doing so will strengthen the course overall.

hands holding quartz crystal in the light