Touchstones Masterclasses

Touchstones Masterclasses are designed for those who already have some crystal healing background. They have a strong emphasis on personal and spiritual development. The Masterclasses on offer are constantly reviewed and refined to give you the best possible experience. Due to the Pandemic these Masterclasses will be running online via Zoom.


Please note you remain entirely responsible for your well-being throughout these classes. If you have any health issues, whether they are physical, emotional or mental, and are in any doubt about the suitability of the classes for you then you should consult your GP for advice.

Upcoming Masterclasses

Crystal Archetypes 

Saturday 16th January 2021


Explore your multi-faceted personality by identifying your archetypes. Consider which of your archetypes are healthy and supporting your progress and which need healing, or reclaiming from the shadow. You will create a personalised crystal archetype kit to continue this deep self-development work after the Masterclass. There are offline spaces in the day for self-guided exercises.

To participate you will need a range of at least 12 different similarly sized tumblestones and a cloth bag large enough to dip your hand into.

10am - 12 midday Exploring the 4 key archetypes we all have in common and how they are operating in your persona.

2pm - 3pm Identifying your personal archetypes. Looking at their potential and how they are currently showing up in your life.

4pm - 5pm Putting your personalised archetypal crystal kit together. Learning how to use it for ongoing support and self-development.


Mother, Maiden and Crone - exploring three faces of the Goddess

Explore the three faces of the Goddess on this interactive online day. You will experience three online sessions with me of approximately one hour each, including visualisations. I will be giving you exercises and activities to connect with the Goddess energies during the time you are offline.
This day has already successfully run online. Look out for another opportunity to participate in 2021.

Messages from the Cosmos

Lauren has been working intensively with Starbrary Quartz crystals, leading an online group and writing about them in her book, Messages from the Cosmos. In this Masterclass she offers the wisdom gathered from these encoded crystals and helps you to make your own Starbrary connection. This day has already run successfully online. Look out for another opportunity to participate in 2021.

The following Masterclasses have run as 'in person days' in the past & some of these may be adapted for an online experience. Keep an eye on the course diary and my newsletter if you are interested in exploring these subjects:

Crystals of the Goddess

Explore the many faces of the Goddess via your crystals. For all those who wish to connect more fully with the Divine Feminine in all her guises.

Sacred Ceremony

This Masterclass explores the elements of sacred ceremony. Working individually and with a group using crystalline energies to protect and define your sacred space and to focus and hold the ceremonial intention. 


Crystal Tarot

Exploring the way that the Tarot resonates with crystals, helping you to achieve a deeper understanding of the cards and accessing more of their healing potential. 

Reclaiming Your Power 

Where have you given your power away? Would you like it back? Identify when and how you allow yourself to be disempowered. We'll look at positive, practical steps using crystalline energies to reclaim personal power and embody that power.

Crystals on the Tree of Life

Lauren D'Silva has blended her studies of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with her knowledge of crystals to create practical pathworkings that help to unlock the Mysteries for the spiritual seeker.

Crystal Alchemy Masterclass

Medieval Alchemists famously attempted to turn base metal into gold. We will be looking at ways to transform your own 'base metal' those unrecognised, repressed, neglected, or under appreciated aspects of yourself into spiritual gold, working with the teachings of the Emerald Tablet as our guide.





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Disclaimer: We believe that Crystal Therapy can be profoundly healing, however if you need medical attention you should always seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. The Principal and the Tutors reserve the right to refuse to teach anyone who is in their professional judgement unfit to attend the course and in extreme cases may remove anyone who is disruptive without warning or discussion. Non attendance is not considered grounds for a refund.

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