Touchstones Crystal Masterclasses

Touchstones Masterclasses are designed for those who already have some crystal healing background. They have a strong emphasis on personal and spiritual development. The Masterclasses on offer are constantly reviewed and refined to give you the best possible experience. Masterclasses run online via Zoom.

Here's some student feedback:

"I'm really enjoying learning new stuff, my brain is happy 😀. I really love your approach and philosophy about using crystals, there's plenty of structure but also so much freedom to experiment safely."


"From a student perspective it's great, so convenient and your teaching style is just as enthusiastic as in person...for work on self it feels ideal and the fact that you record key parts means that students can always refer back to practical elements as needed."



Please note you remain entirely responsible for your well-being throughout these classes. If you have any health issues, whether they are physical, emotional or mental, and are in any doubt about the suitability of the classes for you then you should consult your GP for advice.

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Upcoming Masterclasses via Zoom

Croning with Crystals and the Goddess

This day is for us ladies who are in peri-menopause or menopause. This can be a challenging phase of our lives as we go through major transformation which is often ignored, misunderstood, belittled, or even mocked by society at large, however 'the change' does contain huge potential for us.

We'll be sharing some of our personal experiences and the ways we have found to cope with the diverse range of changes occurring in our bodies, minds and spirits. We'll also look at the positive side of claiming our Crone power and the wisdom that only comes through life experience. The Goddess Hecate and other Goddesses will be supporting us through this shift of consciousness along with crystals such as hawk's eye, black moonstone and Apache tear obsidian.

If attending please set up where you will not be overheard so that we can maintain confidentiality for everyone in the group. Also make sure you know how to work your webcam and microphone so you can be seen and heard! 

10am - 12 midday - together online

12 - 2pm lunch and time to try a practical exercise

2pm - 3pm - online together

3pm - 4pm breaktime and another practical

4pm  - 5pm Final online session

Places are limited so please book early.

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Crystal tree of life with lightning flash
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Other Masterclasses include:

Crystal Alchemy 

Medieval Alchemists famously attempted to turn base metal into gold. We will be looking at ways to transform your own 'base metal' those unrecognised, repressed, neglected, or under appreciated aspects of yourself into spiritual gold, working with the teachings of the Emerald Tablet as our guide.

Manifesting with Crystals

You've watched The Secret and maybe you've tried some Cosmic Ordering. Are you manifesting what you would like yet? The Law of Attraction is always in operation, but harnessing its principles needs practice. The crystals can help you focus your intention to attract more of what you truly want to manifest into your life.

The Crystal Blessings

The Crystal Blessings are a series of healing and guidance messages I received from the Crystal Kingdom. On this day you will receive some of the blessings and be given exercises to help you channel your own crystalline messages.

Mother, Maiden and Crone - exploring three faces of the Goddess

Explore the three faces of the Goddess on this interactive online day. You will experience three online sessions with me of approximately one hour each, including visualisations. I will be giving you exercises and activities to connect with the Goddess energies during the time you are offline.

Messages from the Cosmos

I have been working intensively with Starbrary Quartz crystals, leading an online group and writing about them in Messages from the Cosmos. In this Masterclass I offer the wisdom gathered from these encoded crystals and help you to make your own Starbrary connection. 

Crystal Tarot

This Masterclass explores the way that the Tarot resonates with crystals, helping you to achieve a deeper understanding of the cards and accessing more of their healing potential. You will need your own deck of Tarot cards and a selection of crystals to choose from.

Sacred Ceremony

This Masterclass explores the elements of sacred ceremony. Working individually and with a group using crystalline energies to protect and define your sacred space and to focus and hold the ceremonial intention. 

Crystals on the Tree of Life

In this masterclass I blend my study of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with my knowledge of crystals to create practical pathworkings that help you unlock this ancient symbol, providing a structure for your spiritual growth. It includes explanation of the key features of the Tree of Life and choosing crystals to connect with the spheres. 

Using the Tree of Life as a model for healing and balance and exploring the path of the lightning flash and its role in manifestation.

Reclaiming Your Power 

Where have you given your power away? Would you like it back? Identify when and how you allow yourself to be disempowered. We'll look at positive, practical steps using crystalline energies to reclaim personal power and embody that power.

Crystal Archetypes

Explore your multi-faceted personality by identifying your archetypes. Consider which of your archetypes are healthy and supporting your progress and which need healing, or reclaiming from the shadow. You will create a personalised crystal archetype kit to continue this deep self-development work after the Masterclass. There are offline spaces in the day for self-guided exercises.

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