Touchstones Crystal Therapy Certificate Course

Following the Foundation level five additional tutored days bring you to Certificate level. You will be extending your healing repertoire with a broader range of Crystal Healing techniques. You are also going to be developing a deeper understanding of the crystals themselves.

TSCT Certificate Syllabus

  1. The Science Behind Crystal Healing: Vibrational Medicine and Quantum Physics · Crystallography

  2. Distant Healing: Ethical Considerations · Distant Assessment · Sending Distant Healing

  3. Colour in Crystal Healing: Colour Theory · Use of Colour in Healing with Crystals Crystal Nets: Seal of Solomon · Pentagram · Elven Star

  4. Quartz Master Crystals: Special Forms of Quartz · Metaphysical Properties and Uses

  5. Understanding the Meridians: Yin and Yang · Chinese Five Elements · Meridian Theory · Using Crystals on Meridians

  6. The Holistic Spine: The Sushumna · Correspondences · Clearing the Channel and Enhancing Energy Flow

  7. Minor Chakras: Placements and Functions

  8. Clearing and Balancing The Transpersonal Chakras · Placements and Functions · Clearing and Balancing

  9. The Crystal Balances: Balance Techniques ∙ Channelling Healing through Quartz

  10. Giving Guided Visualisations and Crystal Meditations

Please note that as Principal of TSCT Lauren reserves the right to alter the order of the taught curriculum

and to occasionally substitute elements if doing so will strengthen the course overall.

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Touchstones is an ACHO member school

Disclaimer: We believe that Crystal Therapy can be profoundly healing, however if you need medical attention you should always seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. The Principal and the Tutors reserve the right to refuse to teach anyone who is in their professional judgement unfit to attend the course and in extreme cases may remove anyone who is disruptive without warning or discussion. Non attendance is not considered grounds for a refund.

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