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Llandrindod is our home, recently voted the happiest town to live in the whole of Wales, deservedly so in our opinion. It was built expressly for healing and the healing Goddess Hygeia is the emblem of the town. Visitors remark on the clean air, the beautiful countryside and the abundant wildlife, including the stunning Red Kites.

Llandrindod Wells, Mid-Wales

In its Victorian heyday Llandrindod Wells was a fashionable place for taking the waters. Its health giving mineral rich springs drew the crowds and Rock Park, an easy walk from the town centre, was the place to stroll and take hydrotherapy treatments in the Spa centre. Llandrindod was built around the pursuit of health and the town crest still bears Hygeia, Greek goddess of health. Today the iron rich Chalybeate spring water in Rock Park can still be sampled, but be warned, it is an acquired taste! Walk along the wooded paths to Lovers Leap, a rocky outcrop high above the River Ithon.

Llandrindod also boasts a picturesque Lake with a Lakeside restaurant within easy walking distance of the venue for your courses. Take a walk around the Lake, admire the swans and enjoy the fresh air. The wooded hills behind the Lake invite you to climb if you are feeling more energetic! Once endangered, the red kite is now flourishing and if you look up you'll often spot a red kite or a buzzard.

Fabulous Water Beast Llandrindod Lake


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Disclaimer: We believe that Crystal Therapy can be profoundly healing, however if you need medical attention you should always seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. The Principal and the Tutors reserve the right to refuse to teach anyone who is in their professional judgement unfit to attend the course.

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