Touchstones Crystal Therapy Foundation Course

These five tutored days provide you with a solid grounding in Crystal Healing. You can gain practitioner insurance, register with ACHO and begin to work as a Crystal Therapist once all the course components, including homework and case studies, have been successfully completed. A £100 booking deposit secures your place. The course manual, Touchstones Foundations for the Crystal Healer, is sent to you on receipt of your balance of payment.

TSCT Foundation Syllabus
  1. What is Healing? Models of Healing 

  2. Crystal Therapy Basics: Choosing Crystals · Cleansing Crystals · Charging Crystals · Attuning to Crystals · Programming Crystals · Dedicating Crystals

  3. Crystal Knowledge: The ACHO Syllabus Stones · Mohs’ Scale · Toxic stones ·Stones Requiring Careful Handling · Crystal Habits · Man-altered and Enhanced Stones

  4. Energy Management: Grounding · Centring · Connecting to Higher Self · Protection · Energy Safety

  5. Energy Sensing

  6. Working with a Pendulum: Dowsing · Five Line Clearing · Pendulum Dowsing Arcs

  7. The Chakra System: Chakra theory · Assessing Chakras · Chakra Balancing Techniques

  8. The Aura: Aura Sensing · Intuitive Placements · Aura Cleansing · Aura Adjustment and Repair · The Subtle Bodies · Subtle Body Layouts

  9. Client Management: Handling Healing Crises · Caring for Yourself · Record Keeping · Listening Skills 

  10. Health & Safety 

  11. ACHO Code of Conduct and ACHO Policies

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Please note that as Principal of TSCT Lauren reserves the right to alter the order of the taught curriculum

and to occasionally substitute elements if doing so will strengthen the course overall.

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