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Lauren D'Silva, Principal, Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy
Lauren D'Silva
BA Jt. Hons. PGCE
Principal TSCT

I have loved crystals all my life and I remember gazing for hours at the pictures of gemstones in her Mother's Reader's Digest Atlas as a child, however I was sceptical of their ability to heal. I first experienced Crystal Therapy in my early thirties and that scepticism was blown away. It was such a powerful experience that I was immediately hooked and wanted to learn more. I have been healing with crystals for 20 years and training Crystal Therapists for the last fourteen years.


I think I was born with the desire to teach. My most memorable childhood game was to line up all of my toys in the garden in front of a blackboard on an easel and to teach them! My first career was as a secondary school teacher. I also declared myself a writer long before I had written my first book. I just knew it was something I was going to do.


Meeting Steve, my husband, was a catalyst for change. Steve is Wiccan and introduced me to ceremonial working. I am fully initiated as a High Priestess and enjoy working with sacred ceremony. My own healing story, Light behind the Angels, documents a journey of enlightenment through healing my past lives and reclaiming my power.


My healing gift lies in assisting those who are ready for self-empowerment and spiritual growth. If you would like to book a healing with me please visit the Touchstones Therapies site.

Touchstones manual for the crystal therapist by Lauren D'Silva
Stephen Deeks-D'Silva
Tutor TSCT

Steve is my husband. He is an experienced Shaman who specialises in removing difficult energies and has clientele worldwide. Steve is also a fully qualified and experienced Crystal Healer. Steve assists me in teaching larger groups. We work collaboratively together as healers and run our Retreats as a team. Find out more about Steve's Shamanic work on his website.

Steve has been re-elected as the Mayor of Llandrindod Wells for 2020-2021, which makes me the Mayor's consort for another year!

Light behind the Angels by Lauren D'Silva





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Disclaimer: We believe that Crystal Therapy can be profoundly healing, however if you need medical attention you should always seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. The Principal and the Tutors reserve the right to refuse to teach anyone who is in their professional judgement unfit to attend the course and in extreme cases may remove anyone who is disruptive without warning or discussion. Non attendance is not considered grounds for a refund.

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