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My latest book 'Crystals' is out now. Published by Godsfield, it is part of their new Companions series. The book is written as a contemporary guide to crystals. I've aimed to make it accessible and practical for everyone who loves crystals, whether this is a fledgling new hobby or a long term passion. 


I've always loved writing and found it a pleasure. I wrote the New Age column for the Bellaonline women's online magazine for over a decade. When I met my husband Steve we went through a period of intense spiritual transformation. I tell the story in 'Light behind the Angels.' 

My original 'Touchstones Manual for the Crystal Therapist' was written to support my students up to Certificate level and can still be purchased through Amazon. I have since revised the Manual and now supply two full colour spiral bound manuals exclusively to my  students for their courses: 'Touchstones Foundations for the Crystal Healer' for my Foundation level students and 'Touchstones Delving Deeper into Crystal Healing' for the Certificate level.

'Messages from the Cosmos' was written for members of the Starbrary Quartz Custodians group on Facebook. It contains exercises specifically written for Starbraries and includes lots of feedback from group members.

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The Guide to Principles, Practices and More

The Godsfield Companion to Crystals was a joy for me to write. It draws on my 20 plus years of experience of working with crystals and has all the information I wish I had access to when I was starting out! I've aimed to make it as user friendly, practical and clear as possible. The crystal directory includes the stones you are most likely to have in your collection. Crystal enthusiasts will find plenty of 'gems' including new visualisations I wrote for the book and interesting nuggets of crystal lore.


Crystals is available to order through all good bookshops. I have a number of author signed copies I can post out to UK addresses for the cover price of £16.99. Contact me by email to purchase. Payment will be requested by Paypal. I am also happy to dedicate any of my books. Let me know who you want me to dedicate it to.

If you are local to me in Mid Wales you can arrange a time to pick up a copy in person for £15.


I am sorry I do not post abroad.

If you've been enjoying my book you may want to consider Crystal Companions, the online course I have written to go alongside it. Take a look at the syllabus here.

Messages from the Cosmos

Personal and Planetary Healing with Starbrary Quartz

I first met the extraordinary Starbrary quartz crystals in the summer of 2017. I was impressed by their incredible markings and felt drawn to them, buying as many as I could afford. It wasn't until the next day when I sat down to work with one that I realised how aptly they were named! These really are incredible crystals and if you are ready to work with the energies of the Cosmos they'll resonate with you. 

I wrote Messages from the Cosmos to capture the work I have done with the Starbrary Quartz Custodians group on Facebook. It includes exercises and visualisations I developed for working with these cosmic crystals and also feedback from group members. You can order a copy from me for the cover price of £8.99 plus postage. UK orders only please.

Starbrary Quartz Custodians is a closed group, keeping it safe to express ourselves truthfully. If you feel drawn to the starbraries you are welcome to contact me and ask to join. 

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Light behind the Angels

Light behind the Angels is autobiographical and was my first book, originally published by a local publisher in 2010. It tells the story of a period of intense spiritual awakening which spanned several years once I met my husband Steve. It really was a roller-coaster journey and is packed with drama. This is a gripping tale which spans many lifetimes, full of love, loss, treachery and an ancient curse.


My story is much more entertaining to read than it was to live through; it really was an incredibly challenging time, full of beauty and despair in equal measure. Although I wrote the book to record my own experiences so many readers have told me it has helped them on their own enlightenment journey as they have cleared past life issues and reclaimed their power. 


Naturally the crystals make their appearances in the story too. They really did provide me with my touchstones that kept me going through the midst of the drama.

You can purchase through Amazon or I can send you a copy of Light behind the Angels for the cover price of £10.99 plus postage - UK orders only please.