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 The Holistic Approach to Weight and Body Image

 Join me on a six week journey towards healing your relationship with your body

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Mending my Sacred Vessel

Early in 2020 I said, "No more!" to dieting after spending decades of my life on or off a diet. I recognised that restrictive diets, low fat, low carb, fasting, slimming clubs, juicing, and all the others, no longer worked for me. I could look back over my life and see they had only ever been a temporary fix. I'd feel excited by a new diet and full of determination and willpower, but within a few weeks, or at best, months, after a lot of abstinence I would reach a plateau. I seemed destined to remain at least two stones over a BMI 'healthy weight' whatever I tried. Dieting had made me feel so self-conscious about my body and at just over 5ft tall that two stones of excess weight was obvious. It was clear my body was not happy about dieting, but I still wanted to lose the excess weight and get fitter and healthier. I was concerned that I could develop diabetes as both of my grandmothers had done. The question was, "If I am not going to diet how will I do it?"


I was guided to apply the therapeutic principles and insights I've gained from over 20 years of helping people heal their emotional issues and guiding them through their spiritual awakenings. Over the last few years I have been deepening my connection with the Divine Feminine. I brought together Goddess wisdom, intuition, gentle hypnotic visualisations, affirmations, crystals and a huge helping of kindness to my approach, along with researching the gut-brain axis, the benefits of eating a diverse range of plant-based foods, the essential role of the gut microbiome and improving sleep quality.


Lo and behold the stubborn excess weight started to come off without any angst, struggle or willpower. To my joy it has stayed off. I'm left with a healthy, new respect for my body and a desire to treat her well.  At 54 I am peri-menopausal and I love and appreciate my body like I have never loved her before! I even wore shorts and a bikini in the summer - something I wouldn't have dreamed of doing before.


I quickly realised there were plenty of other women who could benefit from changing their outlook on their bodies, weight, food and lifestyle habits and so the Sacred Vessel course was born. My aim is to give you a range of holistic and empowering tools so that you make sustainable changes that honour your spirit and support your body, your mind and your emotions. I've led two groups through the process and each time I teach it evolves and deepens.

Join me to shine a light on your own issues around food and weight, to nourish your body and to appreciate her for everything she does for you. 

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Here's some feedback I received:

I would like to thank you for the sacred vessel sessions . My weight has fluctuated all my life . Even at my lightest weight I was unhappy . These sessions have given me insight as to why and have certainly allowed me to explore the issues behind my issues with food and my body . Whilst I may not have lost weight I feel lighter and brighter than I have done for sooooo long . You have given us all the opportunity to flip our attitude towards our physical body . Listening to others experiences has been both difficult and comforting . The visualisations raised so much for me on a personal level . Emotions and out dated attitudes that I can now address . I know that this is a long slow and steady journey but it's a journey I am ready to embrace. 


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Medical disclaimer: whilst I believe the Sacred Vessel approach to be safe and supportive for most women it may not be suitable for you if you have an eating disorder or another underlying health issue. I am not medically trained. Please consult your doctor before registering to discuss whether the course is appropriate for you. I cannot take any responsibility for your health and well-being during or after this course.