Diamond: Birthstone for April

The Greek word adamas provided us with the name Diamond. It is also the root of the word adamantine which is used to describe the brilliant lustre of a polished diamond. The meaning translates as invincible, or unbreakable, showing the long association of diamond with quality of endurance. For me diamonds are symbolic of the strength forged through enduring trials and tribulations. After all a diamond is simply made of carbon, it is extreme heat and high pressure in the Earth which creates the gemstone. This is the ideal birthstone for Aries as they are ruled by Mars and often need to battle through obstacles to achieve success.

Diamond is the hardest known substance to mankind scoring a maximum of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Its ability to cut any other material has made it indispensible in industry and so we have the marriage of beauty with toughness and practicality. You may use the energy of diamond to cut through to the truth when someone is creating a smokescreen. As a cubic crystal Diamond is a good choice for people who want to achieve things in an organised and structured way.

Diamond has had a long tradition of carrying the frequency of Divine will, which is why royalty have their crowns set with diamonds. Kings and Queens used to be regarded as Divinely chosen to rule their nations. On a more personal scale we can consciously wear diamonds to align our will with that of the Divine and to claim sovereignty over our lives. Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement and eternity rings because they are symbolic of longevity.

The Diamond industry has unfortunately attracted more controversy than for any other gemstone with the big players keeping the prices of the gems artificially high. 'Blood diamonds' have used to fund civil wars in Africa, native peoples have been pushed off their ancestral lands and those who mine them often suffer human rights abuses. Do your research on the provenance of any diamonds you buy to make ethical choices and avoid supporting the dark side of the gem trade.

Although gem quality diamonds are expensive you do not need to have a brilliant cut gemstone to work with for crystal healing purposes. Small raw diamond crystals can be sourced much more cheaply and can yield good results. They are particularly stimulating on the third eye and crown chakras, clarifying your visions. As your raw diamonds may be tiny it is often more practical to make a gem elixir. In this way you can take the essence of diamond through your whole system, or spray it through your aura. Diamond essence has a very 'clean' high vibration which is useful for focussing the mind.

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