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A Spotlight on Kelly Peacey

In this interview with Kelly she explains her approach to crystal healing is centred on spiritual empowerment, helping her clients to work through life's challenges in a way that aligns them with their Soul path. Kelly is speaking and presenting workshops at the Crystal Enlightenment Conference.

How did you first become interested in crystals?

Quite honestly I felt like they found me. When I was about 17 years old I went through an episode of depression but it was more of a feeling lost in an adult world with no idea of what to do with my life. I started the process of self-discovery and healing and guess what turned up as a tool to help?

I never doubted for one minute that crystals held 'magical qualities' and sure enough my collection started to grow as did my knowledge of crystals and how to use them for self-healing.

How have crystals helped in your own life?

For me personally I love to meditate with crystals on and around me. I find them to be great allies to working in the Inner Realms helping to connect with my Soul Consciousness. They have assisted me in receiving the most profound messages during meditation that have shifted my perception, raised my awareness, given personal guidance and reassured me.

What is your speciality within the field of Crystal Healing?

A lot of my work is with clients facing major life challenges whether it be health, relationships, money, or work and major decisions. I believe that the health of the human's subtle anatomy mirrors the well-being in one's outer life. My focus upon Soul and Divine Source spiritual alignments as well as anchoring to Earth is the priority. The big question is; "What are you supposed to be doing?" When disharmony presents itself I feel it's really important to not only work to seek healing balance within the body and within one's life but to explore what your body, your soul and the Divine Source are telling you. It is not only healing I offer but answers and personal empowerment. My clients often tell me how uplifted and empowered they feel after a session together.

As much as I have protocols that I aim to achieve during a session with a client I am very quickly joined by my higher dimensional helpers. They lead me by informing me what problems are present and how best to go about the session. No two sessions are alike and I learn lots of amazing new techniques for working with the crystals that have powerful healing implications.

My speciality could therefore be described Spiritual Empowerment through the means of crystal healing and channelled guidance from my team.

If you could only choose 5 crystals which would they be and why?

Isis Quartz – this beauty is important to us all. How often do we healers self-nurture and self-care? Life is constantly challenging us in order to grow and learn who we are. I recommend Isis Quartz for such occasions!

Phenacite – if you're looking for a big shift then you need to connect to your Soul.....this crystal is pure spiritual expansion!

Fluorite – when all around you seems like agonising chaos, fluorite brings order and clarity within. So protective and so good for seeing situations clearer.

Star Ruby – this is for right use of power. So what do I mean by power? We have sexual power, we have will power, we have creative power and we have vitality as power. Star Ruby is great for drawing upon these and being the bestest you.

Green Kyanite – alignments.....everything flows better if you are aligned. Green Kyanite is a 2016 favourite of mine for subtly tweaking and tuning the chakras, meridians and ensuring optimal well-being.

What would be your advice for someone just starting out as a Crystal Therapist?

Personal Energy Maintenance is imperative! Practise this as a daily discipline. Not only will you feel clearer and more grounded but you will start to understand and know yourself better. We know the world and others by knowing ourselves. As a healer you must understand and seek to heal yourself first. Also practise, practise and practise under the guidance of a good mentor.

Do you have any special offers for those attending the Crystal Enlightenment Conference?

The Crystal Ascension Programme is £200 if paid in full at the conference. (Saving £50)

Do you have any upcoming courses or workshops, or new books you would like to tell readers about?

The Crystal Ascension Programme with Kelly Peacey starts November 2016

A five month course to bring you into the New Aligned and Fully Awake Higher Dimensional Consciousness.

Ascension as a noun means to 'Rise' and the Crystal Ascension Programme aims to facilitate your rising in consciousness using Sacred Geometric Crystal Light Grids to transform your entire BEing working alongside Higher Plane teachers Sanat Kumara, Metatron, Sandalphon, Kwan Yin, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Master Thoth and Melchizedek.

Each day takes you a little bit further and is timed so that you can integrate the New Alignments gracefully. These New Alignments aim to:

  • Mentally uplift and empower you

  • Love and accept yourself

  • Clear old trauma, beliefs and fear programs

  • Clear your ancestral lineage

  • Balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine archetypes within

  • DNA and Gene repair

  • Integrate greater Soul Awareness

During the five months you will come to

  • Understand the Journey of the Soul and the Rays, discovering your own Personality Ray and Soul Ray.

  • Explore Sacred Geometry and Sacred Symbolism and be able to use it alongside Crystals to heal and know yourself better.

  • Know and work with the Spiritual Hierarchy; Ascended Masters, Archangels and our Star Brothers and Sisters.

  • Have an understanding of the different levels of dimensional awareness and learn discernment.

  • Understand the importance of being aware of the Spiritual Laws, Earth and Nature Cycles, Inner/Outer Archetypes.

  • Find the Creator/Divine Source within YOU.

So why do the Crystalline Ascension Programme (CAP)?

WE KNOW our world is changing and WE KNOW we are evolving.

WE KNOW we are interconnected and interdependent and WE KNOW we have a role to play in creating a better world.

We are the Light Bearers and we are the Walking Healers. We are not here to convert others we are here to uphold our own Soul Evolution in to greater self-awareness and love.

CAP DAY 1 New Alignments - 5th Nov 2016

CAP DAY 2 Living in the Heart and the timeless Soul - 3rd Dec 2016

CAP DAY 3 Release, Let Go and Reprogram- 7th Jan 2017

CAP DAY 4 Remember and Reconnect - 4th Feb 2017

CAP DAY 5 Elevation and Expansion - 4th March 2017

Kelly is a gifted channel not only for her busy Crystal Healing practise but also bringing through messages of personal and cosmic importance giving guidance and encouragement from Higher Dimensional Helpers. In 2011 she was awoken in the early hours of the morning to be informed that she was to run a set of 5 workshops called The Crystal Ascension Programme that would be working with Sacred Geometrical Crystal Light Grids and would be entirely channelled. Not knowing what this would entail Kelly followed her guidance and the Crystal Ascension Programme continues to attract many wanting greater awareness of the esoteric teachings and healing alignment with their Soul using only clear quartz.

Kelly's interests in natural health, healing and spirituality awakened in her late teens and since then she has dedicated herself to this panoramic field in personal and spiritual development. For nearly 20 years she has practiced deep meditation and trained extensively in many spiritual and healing practices to expand her knowledge and experience, which she draws upon to transform and empower her clients and students.

Many people enjoy Kelly's approachable, down to earth, fun and yet sensitive nature that she applies to her work as a teacher, therapist and intuitive reader.



The Isbourne Holistic Centre, Isbourne House, 3 Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham GL50 1TH

01242 254321



£50 per day (1 day per month) or

£225 for all 5 days paid in advance (saving £25)

Where can readers find out more about your work?

(your websites, books etc)

Please feel free to friend me on facebook to keep up to date with what I'm up to, energy updates other articles and/or visit my website to find information and dates on my courses and workshops.


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