• Lauren D'Silva

Golden Topaz - Birthstone for November

As the nights draw in and the weather becomes chilly we need a warming gemstone to cheer us and remind us of the Sun. Golden topaz, otherwise known as Imperial topaz, fulfils our needs perfectly and is the traditional birthstone for Sagittarius. You may also choose Citrine as the modern alternative for November which also holds that solar energy.

The name topaz may have derived from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas’, meaning fire, or glow, describing that warming energy perfectly. The link between golden topaz and the Sun goes all the way back to Ancient Egypt. It was believed that the Sun God Ra gave the stone its golden ray. In the Bible topaz is one of the stones on the breastplate of the High Priest, which seems appropriate given its qualities of strength, power and wisdom. The alternative name Imperial topaz came about in Russia during the 19th century when the topaz mined in the Urals could only be owned by the Czar and his family. In modern times most topaz is mined in Brazil.

One of the most charming myths about golden topaz is that it can emit light. The 12th century mystic Hildegard of Bingen was said to read her prayers in the chapel by the light of a topaz. She recommended steeping topaz in wine and then rubbing the infused liquid on the eyes to strengthen failing sight. Perhaps drinking the wine would work if anyone would like to report back!

Golden topaz strengthens our solar plexus chakra, our centre of personal power. We engage the solar plexus when we need the energy and focus to make anything happen in the world. Golden topaz helps to support this energy centre and focus our will to put plans into action. This chakra is our powerhouse, promoting a positive mindset and a ‘can do’ attitude. If our solar plexus chakra is weakened we can feel helpless and despondent about our lives. We may feel victimised and unable to stand up for ourselves. Use golden topaz to find inner strength and support assertiveness.

Many people confuse personal power with overpowering others and getting their own way in everything, using a strong solar plexus in a domineering or bullying manner. At this time in human evolution we need to learn how to use the energy of the solar plexus in a more enlightened way. First we must empower ourselves and then we can support others as they claim back their own power. Use golden topaz as you take back the power you have given away to others and then align your will with the highest good.

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