• Lauren D'Silva

Reviewing your Year

As we draw towards the close of 2017 it is time to review your year. For many of us 2017 has been a challenging one with sharply contrasting highs and lows. The politics at home and abroad may have challenged your values of decency and inclusiveness to a point where you have to pinch yourself to believe this is happening.

In your personal lives you may have had your own individual challenges to meet. Whether they have come in the form of health, relationships, or work issues, everyone I speak to seems to have had at least one of these big challenges to deal with in 2017. Remember even the most difficult times have their gifts. You can work through your challenges and use them for personal growth. As you look back over the last twelve months consider the opportunities you have had for learning, for forgiveness, to open to more compassion for yourself and others. Find those gifts that have been hidden in seeming adversity. They are the gold and jewels you can take with you as we voyage into 2018.

Remember to count your blessings and don't forget the good times! They can get overshadowed by the problems and we tend to attach more importance to the difficulties we face. Here is the gratitude altar from the Crystal Enlightenment Retreat 2017. It really was beautiful to join with so many like-minded people and take time to share our love of crystals. It left us feeling spacious and positive about the power of connecting together as a community for World healing. It was a reminder that the power to change the World is within us and each of us has our part to play in the coming times. Would we have been motivated to do this if the politics hadn't been so fundamentally challenging? Perhaps that was one of those hidden gifts.

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