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Touchstones has a supportive and friendly online student community on Facebook. Once you start your studies with me you are welcome to join the Touchstones Student Group. This group is private and exclusively for Touchstones Students and it is a great place to ask questions.

The Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO)

You are expected to abide by ACHO policies throughout your training. All of the policy documents you need to be aware of are on Documents and Forms section of the ACHO website:


Once you are qualified you are welcome to join the ACHO Practitioner Register which shows you have been through an accredited training course and have practitioner insurance. There is a small annual fee payable. Currently this is just £15 per annum. 


Practitioner Insurance

It is advisable to gain insurance even whilst you are still training. You are responsible for making your own insurance arrangements. Touchstones and ACHO use Holistic Insurance Services, but if you are already insured for other therapies you can ask whether your insurer can add Crystal Therapy to your policy.

Ask me a question

If you get stuck you can always contact me. Lengthy support discussions are charged for as tutorial sessions at £30 an hour and you can book a telephone or Skype appointment with me, but quick questions and touching base are all part and parcel of your course.

Case Studies

Here are the guidelines you need to follow in order to submit your case studies:






Client and Student Assessment Sheets

These sheets should be filled in whenever you do a healing that is potentially a case study for you, it doesn't matter if I receive extra sheets, it is all good evidence that you are getting on with your crystal healing. Fill in your own name as the student and give your client a Client Assessment Sheet with an SAE to return it to me. You need to submit your Student Assessment forms with your case studies.




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Disclaimer: We believe that Crystal Therapy can be profoundly healing, however if you need medical attention you should always seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. The Principal and the Tutors reserve the right to refuse to teach anyone who is in their professional judgement unfit to attend the course.

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