Rose Quartz Heart Shaped Crystal

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Feedback from ACHO Evaluation Forms

(These are submitted anonymously)

'Having already done the VTCT in Crystal Therapy, which left me feeling rather disillusioned, this course revitalised my enthusiasm for crystals. Lauren is a great teacher & learning with her has been an adventure of fun.'


'Really enjoyed the course, thought Lauren put everything over well, she is always there to listen to questions and answer them, even when we are not on the course week.'


'I enjoyed this course very much. Lauren is an excellent teacher & mentor, always available with advice and encouragement.'


'I liked the relaxed approach to the course & the smallness of the group. I felt I could ask anything in the group without feeling daft. Lauren's way of teaching is great.'


'I thoroughly enjoyed the course- an emotional roller coaster at times, but it provided plenty of insights and personal growth. Always felt very safe and caring environment- supportive and nurturing. Made to feel a valid member of the group and safe to progress at own pace. You (Lauren) had a lovely relaxed approach yet also very professional & you conveyed your passion for crystals with enthusiasm & integrity.'


'I would thoroughly recommend Year One and Year Two to anyone who is serious about becoming a Crystal Therapist.'


'I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others. Lauren is a fantastic tutor and provides a safe and comfortable learning environment. There was a good balance between theory and practise throughout the course.'


'Lauren is an excellent teacher, if I didn't know anything I wasn't made to feel stupid, everything was explained fully.'


'An excellent course, Lauren a great teacher, good at explaining things, allowing me to develop at my own pace in the way that suited me.'


'Excellent teacher, all topics very interesting, large and varied crystal stock to purchase, good mix of course students. Thoroughly enjoyed course. Lauren very understanding and kind.'


'Overall I really enjoyed the course. Lauren's teaching style is both informal and relaxed which for me are the essential ingredients for learning.'


'I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to use the crystals, from basic techniques to more in depth work. Lauren is a fantastic teacher, very knowledgeable, yet warm and very considerate and patient with her students. I'm grateful she is my crystal therapy teacher.'


'I've enjoyed every minute of the course, but the actual healing with crystals would be my favourite. Lauren is fantastic, what a lovely welcome. And always there to support if needed, very understanding.'


'The course was very well structured, professional and carried out in a very relaxing manner.'


'The setting was wonderful, peers were like-thinking people. A really great course, has awakened me and broadened my knowledge as a therapist and a person.'


'Very relaxed environment, felt at ease and at home. Excellent teacher, everything explained clearly. Made some new friends, a wonderful group, fuelled my quest for learning. I loved my time on the course and would recommend it to anyone.'


'Wow! This has been a wonderful journey with crystal knowledge, personal development and spiritual enlightenment. Enjoyment and fascination have permeated throughout the course, a genuine enjoyment of working with an excellent teacher and healer.'