Crystal Companions - a six week online crystal course

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Next Crystal Companions course will run Summer 2021. Dates to be announced soon. Please subscribe to my newsletter for updates.

Do you love crystals? Would you like to know how to care for them, connect with them, use them for your healing and personal development and integrate them into your daily life? The Crystal Companions course is structured around Crystals, my latest book, part of the new Godsfield Companions series. It will be released in June 2021 and is available to pre-order now.

Join me as I lead you through a 6 part online course to connect with your crystals. You'll be led step by step to developing a greater awareness and appreciation of your crystals as companions in your life. Each week I'll be setting simple practical exercises to help consolidate your learning. 


To participate you'll need a small collection of easily obtained, affordable crystals including haematite, obsidian, amethyst, pyrite, rose quartz and selenite. I'll also be teaching you how to use a pendulum - it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. You may also want a journal to note your experiences as you go through the course.

Here's some feedback from the first group: 

'Lauren the course was a joy And your teaching was easy to follow and very captivating! The amount of content was targeted just right for a complete beginner. Thursday nights gave a purpose to the week And being part of a group although you couldn’t see them was a pleasure. Being able to see their questions or comments was a very good idea. Cant wait for further learning courses.'

Just £49 for this six part course. 

Lesson One - Care for Your Crystals

Thursday 18th February

7pm -9pm

Treating your crystals with the care and respect they deserve helps you form a closer bond with them and you'll get better results too.

  • Know how and when to cleanse your crystals

  • Keep your crystals fully energised by charging them

  • Think about how you display or store your crystals

  • Points to consider when carrying crystals around

  • Learn quick and easy ways to choose a crystal for your day

Lesson Two - Care for your Energy

Thursday 25th February

7pm - 9pm

Crystals can open your awareness of the unseen realms.

Look after your energy as you develop your subtle senses.

  • Understand why grounding is important and learn to ground with haematite

  • Experience the way centring helps you stay focussed and present. Learn to centre your energy with pyrite

  • Know why it makes sense to protect your energy and experience shielding with obsidian

Lesson Three - Tune into your Crystals 

Thursday 4th March


How do you know what a crystal 'does'? Which crystal should you use? 

  • Learn more about your crystals 

  • Find out how to attune to a crystal's energy - we'll connect with rose quartz in this lesson, but you can use the same method to tune into any crystal in your collection.

  • Learn how to choose crystals using your intuition, hand-sensing and pendulum dowsing

Lesson Four - Crystals and your Chakras

Thursday 11th March

7pm - 9pm

Learn about your chakras, know where they are located and what areas of your life they affect. You'll need a selection of tumblestones in a range of colours.

  • Find out which chakras you need to focus on for your healing​ and self-development

  • Learn how to choose and use crystals to heal your chakras

  • Experience a chakra healing visualisation

  • Learn a simple crystal chakra layout

Lesson Five - Crystals and your Aura

Thursday 18th March

7pm - 9pm

Learn about your aura, the energy field that surrounds your physical body. 

  • Understand how to sense your aura

  • Know how to keep your aura healthy and clear

  • Experience cleansing with amethyst and the violet flame

  • Learn to seal your auric boundaries with selenite

Lesson Six - Crystals for Daily Living

Thursday 25th March

7pm - 9pm

Discover easy ways to integrate crystals into everyday life. Benefit from their support:

  • At work

  • When studying

  • In your relationships

  • For stress relief

  • Around your home

Just £49 for all six lessons delivered via Zoom Webinar (you will not be on view and your mic will be off, but you are encouraged to participate through the chat box). 

Please note I manually check all registrations so there may be a delay between your submission and acknowledgement of your place. If you don't get a response within a day or so please check your spam folder before contacting me.

Please note you remain entirely responsible for your well-being throughout any of my classes. If you have any health issues, whether they are physical, emotional or mental, and are in any doubt about the suitability of the classes for you then you should consult your GP for advice.

Did you love your Crystal Companions course? Wish you could carry on learning? Now you can!

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