Training as a Crystal Healer:

What Should You Look for in a Course?


Here’s what I think you should look for when you are searching for the right courses for you:


Check you really like the teacher. You are going to make a big commitment to a course, spending time and money with this person, so it is really important that you get good vibes about them. You need to look for someone you sense is approachable, knowledgeable, supportive, experienced in their field and a clear communicator. Their energy needs to feel positive and enthusiastic about the subject they are training on. Ideally you'd meet your teacher by booking a therapy session with them or attending a talk or introductory workshop, as this gives you a good idea of whether you are going to get along together, but if distance makes this impractical why not give them a call and have a chat about any questions you may have? Finding the right teacher for you is probably the biggest factor in determining whether you will succeed with any therapy course.


Look carefully at the content and structure of the course. What level is the training offered to? Is this a professional, well recognised qualification? The accredited courses offered through TSCT are structured so that participants learn the basic techniques and skills they need to work competently with crystals in their Foundation week. This means they can achieve a recognised qualification once they have completed their homeworks, case studies and other course requirements. TSCT students are usually keen to study for another 5 days later in the year to deepen their knowledge and achieve a Certificate level qualification. In their second year they may study for 10 more days learning more advanced techniques and can obtain a Diploma once they have completed all the course requirements.


In any healing course, regardless of the modality, you might expect to be taught about the human energy field, including the chakra system, the subtle bodies and the meridians. You can also expect to be taught about energy safety, including grounding, protecting and supporting your energy. Not all courses cover these last topics, yet they are essentials for working safely with any healing energy.


On a crystal healing course there should be plenty of opportunity to find out about the stars of the show, the crystals themselves. We encourage my students to learn about a wide range of crystals by attuning to them through their subtle senses and working with them between taught sessions. We guide them through crystal meditations and visualisations and also encourage cross referencing their own findings with information from books. In addition we look at how crystals are formed and their properties according to their crystallography.


Any healing or therapy course should allocate a good proportion of the time to practical tuition on using the various healing techniques. In a crystal course this would normally include crystal layouts and placements for balancing the chakras and subtle bodies, ways of removing energy blocks from the aura and methods to harmonise the flow of the meridians. In addition you may be taught a variety of other ways of working with crystals, such as using them to send distant healing and setting up crystal nets. If you are studying to a Diploma level more advanced topics should be covered as the course progresses. For example in the second year my students learn how to work shamanically with crystals, how to access and heal past lives using crystals, to work with relationship issues, to use crystal divination techniques, gem essence making and healing on finer levels of the energy field, including the hara line.


A reputable course will demand a true commitment on your part too. As well requiring course attendance, TSCT students are expected to complete their homework modules, keep a personal development journal, practice their new skills between teaching sessions and complete a number of case studies. It is only by fully engaging with a course that you will get the best from it. Our students are often surprised by how much they themselves develop personally over their time on the course. Expect to be your own first client as healing yourself will make you a better therapist!


Finally check that the course you are enquiring about is well accredited and recognised. In the UK ACHO, stands for the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations, of which Touchstones School holds the Chair. We ensure that member schools cover agreed syllabus topics and that we abide by a shared Code of Conduct and other professional policies. This may sound a bit dull when you are excited to get started, but you don’t want to spend lots of time, money and effort training only to find that the qualification you receive isn't properly accredited and carries no weight!


I hope you find a course that really suits you and brings out the best healer you can be. If you'd like to learn crystal healing with Touchstones in Wales or Glastonbury you can enrol through this site or ask for a Course Information Pack. Touchstones Manual for the Crystal Therapist is the core text for the Foundation and Certificate level courses and a spiral bound copy will be sent to you for free once your appplication form and booking deposit are sent and your place on a course is confirmed.