Coronavirus Notice: My Masterclasses and my Crystal Companions courses run online via Zoom. These courses are aimed at increasing your knowledge, furthering your self-development, strengthening your awareness of your spiritual connection and enhancing your connection with the Crystal Kingdom. 

I hope you will find something of interest to you whether you are brand new to crystals or have long been aware of your affinity with crystalline energies. Online study counts towards CPD for qualified therapists.


Take a look at my Diary page which is updated regularly and please subscribe to my newsletter for course announcements. You will find the link at the foot of this page.

Please note: Online courses are not intended to replace ACHO accredited Practitioner Training - I do believe it is imperative that you have in-person training if you plan to work as a professional Crystal Therapist! 

Lauren D'Silva Principal of Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy


I'm Lauren D'Silva, founder of Touchstones Therapies. I moved from Leicestershire to Mid Wales 18 years ago, making the transition from mainstream education to healing and teaching my therapies. Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy is an Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO) member school, which is joint lead body for Crystal Therapy. I was the Chair of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO) from 2014 - 2020. 


I am an experienced healer and also a fully qualified teacher with thirty years of experience. I'm the author of several books, including Crystals, part of the new Godsfield Companion series. It is available through Amazon and other bookstores, or you can buy an author signed copy from me.


Touchstones School offers quality crystal therapy courses which can open up your understanding of the Crystal Kingdom, of healing energy and of your spiritual path. I get great pleasure from seeing my students develop their intuitive abilities and watching their confidence bloom.

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Why Touchstones?


Historically a touchstone was a hard black stone used to test the quality of precious metals such as gold and silver according to the colour streak they made when scratched upon it. Now the term is more often used metaphorically as a sign of validity and quality. I see a touchstone as something that is enduring and dependable in the way that crystals and stones are. The crystals are touchstones bringing you back into connection with your eternal essence, your true Self. 

Would you like to train as a Crystal Therapist? Touchstones School offers ACHO accredited crystal therapy practitioner training courses for all levels of interest, from those just starting out on their healing journey with crystals, to those who are already qualified Crystal Therapists and would like to learn more.

My students travel from all over the UK and Ireland  for these courses and some intrepid souls make the journey from abroad. I feel humbled by the distances people come to train with me. In recent years students have attended from across Europe, including France, Spain and Portugal and from much further afield including Brazil, Africa, Cambodia, Poland and the USA.

In-person training is currently on hold due to the pandemic. Please subscribe to the newsletter to get notified of new training dates when these become possible.