Welcome to Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy

Lauren D'Silva Principal of Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy

I'm Lauren D'Silva, founder of Touchstones Therapies. I specialise in Crystal Therapy and have been training Crystal Therapists for almost two decades.

I am an experienced healer and a fully qualified teacher with thirty years of teaching experience. I'm the author of several books, including Crystals, published by Godsfield, which came out Summer 2021. 

Touchstones School offers quality crystal therapy courses which can open up your understanding of the Crystal Kingdom, of healing energy and of your spiritual path. I get pleasure from seeing my students develop their intuitive abilities and watching their confidence bloom.

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Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy is an Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO) member school, which is the joint lead body for Crystal Therapy recognised by GRCCT. I was proud to be the Chair of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO) for two complete terms of office: 2014 - 2020. 


I'll be teaching my first in-person taught course since the start of the pandemic this October!  I'm feeling so excited to be teaching face to face again! This is expected to be the only in-person training course this year, with my other accredited courses planned to resume in 2022. 


Are you ready to begin your Crystal Therapy journey? Join me on this Foundation level course at the beautiful Bleddfa Centre set in the glorious countryside of Mid Wales.


Dates: Wednesday 13th - Sunday 17th October.


We'll be covering all the essentials of Crystal Therapy over the five day course giving you a firm Foundation to grow your knowledge and skills. This is the first rung of training as recognised by the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO), essential learning for anyone who wants to work professionally with crystals. It also suits those who want to learn how to use crystals for their own health, well being and enjoyment.


£450 for the five tuition days. Take a look at the syllabus and book your place now.

Touchstones School offers ACHO accredited crystal therapy practitioner training courses for all levels of interest, from those just starting out on their healing journey with crystals, to Masterclasses for those who are already qualified Crystal Therapists and would like to learn more.

Touchstones students travel from all over the UK for these courses and from across the world. I feel humbled by the distances people travel to train with me. In recent years students have attended from across Europe, including France, Spain and Portugal and from much further afield including Brazil, Africa, Cambodia, Poland and the USA.

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Why Touchstones?


Historically a touchstone was a hard black stone used to test the quality of precious metals such as gold and silver according to the colour streak they made when scratched upon it. Now the term is more often used metaphorically as a sign of validity and quality. I see a touchstone as something that is enduring and dependable in the way that crystals and stones are. The crystals are touchstones bringing you back into connection with your eternal essence, your true Self.